Since you’re here you’re probably wondering how on earth anyone could spend that much money trying to get an Online Education – and still not get any where.  When I look back it amazes me too!  I just assumed other experts knew more than I did about business, so I kept spending – until I realized I already knew the answer to my problems!  Let me explain…

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At first I thought I was plain dumb.  I know I’m a bit dyslexic – that must be the reason I was struggling so much to apply the flood of information coming at me!  Then I noticed heaps of people around me finding the same thing.  Well, maybe it’s not just me!

Initially, this was a huge relief!  (It’s not just me!)  Then I was darned angry that trainers were largely ignoring the struggle people were having.  And no one was asking the question – “Is my training program (that I am charging multiple thousands of dollars for), really working for people?”

One day it struck me like a bolt of lightning – out of 1000’s of children – some disabled – and out of 20 people I set up in business not one of them EVER failed to learn my program.
I simply created systems that anyone could apply.  (Far, far easier than trying to change people!)

So, it came as a big surprise – after spending 3 years trying to learn and apply, strategies and tactics in the online arena, to conclude that I simply needed to apply, to building a business online, my 30 years of training and systems experience offline.   I had come full circle back to my old profession – Franchising!

The next thing I did was stop following my training programs and I went back to applying the basic business principles I had been using for years.

I went from being in a distressed fog of overwhelm and information overload to having my business come together quickly – in easy, simple and fun steps.  Yes!  This was more like it.  This is how it was when I developed our original business and then duplicated the concept into 16 franchises.

So that’s why I’ve put this site together. What I’ve done is package up the details of every single step, every insight, every technique, strategy, concepts, idea and formula that I have used (and have gone back to using) that make all the difference.

My hope for you is that you’ll take this information and apply it immediately. That way, you too can easily and simply create a powerful and potent business that will be the answer to your future wealth and security.

So please introduce yourself by simply entering your details below. On the other side of this page is all the information you need to start living the same dream.


See you on the other side. Good luck!


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