Since you’re here you’ve probably heard  how I used 17 years of Franchising success to create a system that will save you $80,000 & 3 years of overwhelm, frustration & confusion!

I've had so many people ask me about starting up Franchises over the years.  Although I am no longer interested in Franchising, I decided to show you how I adapted all that I did to create successful Franchises to creating your online business – unique to you!

So, I've decided to put together this mentoring program.  It's a step-by-step program where I show you exactly what you need to do to easily and simply create a powerful and potent business that will be the answer to your future wealth and security.

As a VIP member of my mentoring program, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Let me Make it Easy!  You don’t need to figure out the details of the various exercises you have just read about.  I have specific templates, already tailored to reveal the unique DNA of your personal, successful business.
  • Shortly after you sign up for the program, I will personally call you, so I can make sure you get the most benefit from the program.
  • Personal, One-on-One coaching time with Cheryl.  As a VIP member, you’ll get 25 x 10 minute power phone sessions to speak with me.  Together we’ll be able to over-come your unique business challenges fast track your progress, quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.  I doubt you'll ever find another mentor who will personally roll up their sleeves and chat with you LIVE on the phone when you need them.  It just doesn't happen in this industry. The value of this alone is priceless!! 
  • Weekly eclasses emailed to you.  These take you step by step through the whole process, with heaps of examples, tools, tips, templates, and current usable insights. Not only will you learn what to do – you will also understand why you are doing it (the psychology behind it).  It’s a damn lot better way to learn than dumping a mother load of files on you that will collect dust in your hard drive. Each weekly eclass has been purposefully designed for your ultimate accelerated learning experience that will make sure your business takes shape before your very eyes.
  • Hand Holding through The 7 Foundation Building Steps all successful people took to create their winning business.  It’s not about you creating ‘any business’!  It’s about you creating a successful business that inspires you to get out of bed in the morning.  These are the Foundation steps missing in most programs out there and without them you end up with a business you dread and want to get rid of a year down the track.  Very rarely taught in this industry, (but is the very reason our Franchise was so successful).
  • Clear, simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step process to make sure you create a business that has you on the road to wealth and security.  Most of the online training out there is either, complex and hard to follow or over simplified.  Using my step by step system you’ll be amazed at how quickly you are actually up and running with your new business.  (And you did it WITHOUT the confusion and overwhelm that is just everywhere with online training.)  Out of the 1001 things you can learn about, creating an online business – I’ve narrowed it down to the 7 key action steps you need to master to have you up and running FAST and with EASE.  Only difference is…you won’t have to invest $80,000+ on your education like I did.
  • My “Fly on the Wall” Insiders Look into real case study examples: How would you like to pull up a chair next to me as I go through a monthly Case Study of a successfully running online business, followed by Q & A.  We will cut through the marketing hype and ‘cut to the chase’ of what’s real and relevant to YOU and YOUR business.  (It’s rare and invaluable to be able to ask questions live, in a program.)
  • I Pay for you to take an Assessment that shows you the activities, unique to you, that will create your perfect work.  (In half an hour this assessment achieved what took me 30 years to work out.  Nothing else comes close to it!
  • A specific coaching session on how to specifically apply a unique guide to doing the activities that will have you reaching your potential. (Doing more of what you are really good at is key to creating a powerful business.)
  • An additional guide to tapping into your Unique Success Drivers.
  • Carefully Selected Recommended Training Programs targeted to your personal needs.  After being a trainer for 28 years, I recognize a good program when I see one. Plus, you will have the option of ongoing coaching to help you get the most out of your next step training program. (This will likely save you many times the cost of this program.  I wish I had this when I started out.
  • A list of 100 various types of Online Business to help you open our mind to the various options available to you.
  • An Administrative Checklist of various pointers to be aware of in starting your new business.  Plus, a list of resources to help you cover the admin bases.
  • My E-Book ‘The Truth About Starting an Online Business’ – written to help you avoid the distraction of ‘chasing rabbits down rabbit holes’
  • Lastly, you might ask ‘why is this program so cheap’?  (After all I am used to selling $75,000 businesses!)  It’s because I want something from you.  I refine a business by initially working very closely with the clients.  That’s the reason there will be a lot more personal contact in this program.  Once I have systemized everything we will do one on one, then the price will go up and there will not be the same amount of personal contact.

My Double Guarantee – I will be placing this at the bottom of my first 4 e-classes to remind you that I mean business when I say I am giving a guarantee.

Part 1…. I will personally coach you over any hurdle.  Please email me, to set up an appointment on

(Yes, I know this will be impossible for me to do this once we have 100’s of people, but for now it suits me to offer this whilst I am small enough to attend to YOU personally.)

Part 2…. Try out my program for 60 days – see if you like my style – assess if you think you will produce results.  After 60 days if my program is not right for you then I will happily give you a full refund and wish you well – no questions asked!


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