As I went hurtling down the ‘online highway’ of one training program after another – spending nearly $80,000 – having problem after problem, I thought I just needed to find the right program.

Eventually, having brought myself to the edge of bankruptcy, I said “That’s it – no more programs”!

Have you heard that story about the adventurers who went to a new land?
To make sure they were committed the Captain ‘burned the ships’.  That was me!  I ‘burned the ships’ by walking away from our Franchising Business of 17 years.

For some really strange reason when I hear The Guru’s explaining their Online Training Programs, this magical haze seemed to descend upon my Brain.  The words simple, easy and mountains of money meld into a magic formula that I will have me up and running as soon as ‘tomorrow’.  (Yet, if you look closely at anyone who has achieved great things, the ‘overnight success’ happened over years.)

In fairness to the Guru’s, perhaps it is my greed that had me switching off my own Business Intelligence.  Or perhaps when Online steps are described so simply, I had no factual online experience to help me see that this one action step, being described so simply, is actually 40 small steps.

At first I thought I was not intelligent enough for the online arena.  The complexity seemed to be growing into mammoth proportions.  But when I thought back to my own experience of building franchises, I realized something!

Basic business building principles still apply:

  • Find a group of people with a problem
  • That you care about enough to keep solving their problems
  • Make sure they will pay you to solve the problems
  • Set up a method for getting your solution into the hands of your paying client
  • Get paid

I asked myself the question – why did I find that so easy when I was building Franchises and why am I finding it so hard with creating an Online Business?

To discover the answer I went back into my own Franchise training programs.  Then I began to understand why I was having such a hard time in the online training arena.  At first I felt darn right angry at the distress so many people are going through and the huge waste of money, time and energy.  But the worst of it is the confusion and information overload that will have so many people turning away from their dreams. 

(I talked to a coach recently who confirmed my observations.  She said “I talk to people all day every day who are overwhelmed, angry and in tears about their struggle with getting trained”!)

It does not need to be this way. 
The Secret is in simply getting the steps small enough and clear enough!  That’s all I did when I built the Franchise.

We have trained 10’s of thousands of children and built nearly 30 different businesses.  (The numbers are not the big deal.)  The big deal is that NOBODY failed.  None of the franchisees got overwhelmed and they were on a massive learning curve getting skilled in a number of industries all at once. 

(I condensed training that would take years to get certified in each industry – adapted it to our specific program – and had them all on their own within one month.  I didn’t think anything of it at the time.)

All I did was

  • Create tiny steps I KNEW anyone could do; if they wanted to
  • Have them running a very baseline business fast
  • Refine AFTER they were on very solid ground

I did basically the same thing when we designed the original Franchise of our children’s program.  None of the children we taught were unable to do the program.

I decided to go back to the same principles I used in Franchising to create my online business. Then I made a decision to apply these same principles to  Developing an Online Training Program that is absolutely doable by ANYONE.

The result is the program that you see before you.


I believe there is not one single person who can’t succeed at starting an online business who wants to.  (Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying just pick something you love and you will get rich.  It is a more complicated mix of factors than that simple statement to have you making big money!)

My point is, if you apply the same principles I used to create my Franchises and do it in steps small enough to get you immediately doing the stuff you are learning then anyone can build a business that wants to.  Once you have your baseline business then you have something you can build into the squillions if that is what you are after.  But without a baseline business, that you are truly motivated to build and build, you have NOTHING.  And no promise of the moon from some superstar Guru will force that acorn to become a fully grown Oak Tree overnight if you buy their latest tactic.

The Formula outlined below, is designed to unearth your Unique Business DNA:

Apply your unique DNA of personal factors from above and build your Foundation Business Model

Now that you are clear about your why’s, what, where, who and how, it is time to choose from
one of the great Training Programs that are out there.

For those people who like to understand WHY many newbies struggle to start an online business, read the article below:- (written by Joan Small) Otherwise, jump straight to the 12 steps expanded on below

Avoid Information Overload by knowing What is Causing it!
The Barriers to Learning New Things:

-A word, phrase or sentence that a person does not understand. What it does is shut the mind down, and if the person reads past it his mind will be blank, he may drift off, or fall asleep. He will not be able to absorb the material. The way to handle this is to go back to where you last understood and remembered what you were reading, find the misunderstood point, clear it by looking it up in a dictionary – read each definition, put the word with each of its meanings in sentences, and even demonstrate it if needed until your mind comes clear. Then go back and read on. You will find you can then understand the next material you are studying.

 This means you jump steps in learning. For instance, teaching children to count and then trying to teach them multiplication without first teaching them addition and subtraction is too steep a gradient. Step by step learning is the best and easiest way to learn.

Too much theory without having the actual object present can prevent learning. The best way is to have the real physical object, the second best is a model of the object, the third – illustrations or diagrams, and the hardest way is all words.

What happens when a student encounters any of these things is:  he may fall asleep, go blank, or just want to drop the course altogether. Drop outs are usually the result of one or more of the above.

1. There is nothing quite like the distress of Financial Pressure to destroy your creativity.

Don’t look to your new business venture to give you immediate cash flow.  (Even though you will hear the Guru’s ‘hooking’ you with stories of instant money.) 

Get your financial base solid, secure and clear before you begin putting serious focus into building your business.  In other words make sure you are covering your basic expenses outside of your New Online Business.  Then you will be free to create a business that will serve you for years to come.  Rather than ‘chase money’ and end up creating something that you hate doing.  After all, isn’t the point of building your own business to be creating a meaningful lifestyle around your values, priorities and gives you a full sense of self expression?

I have heard so very many people say they were trying to get cash flow from by starting their business.  This is the very worst way to begin.  It is somewhat like planting an acorn and demanding that you have a fully grown oak tree.  For one thing you will find yourself acting out of desperation as rather than creating a business.

The beginning phase of creating a business demands that you are in a ‘ying’ kind of relaxed and contemplative space.  That will be impossible to achieve if you are trying to put food on the table.  You will be unable to think from the viewpoint of an artist staring at a blank canvas considering what option he wants to follow.

So – go wash dishes to pay for your baseline needs; then you will have your creative energies available to build a business that will have you motivated to jump out of bed each morning.

Finding Time to Create Your Business:

Now that you have the very basics covered it is time to begin investing in your most important asset and the very asset you will be using to build your future prosperity on.


Yes, I know!  You have no time!  Well I have good news for you.

  • I am not going to give you a course on time management.  
  • You will happily be motivated to find the time yourself.  Let me explain!

Each of the steps outlined in the map above, will bring you closer to discovering the direction you want to take with your Business.  As it becomes more real and grounded your increased commitment will be a natural consequence.  (A bit like when you buy a new car!  You have the idea and eventually it becomes a reality you are committed to.  No one had to teach you to be committed to your goal or give you lessons on creating the time to achieve the goal.  There was a magnetic pull that drew you into achieving that goal.)

It is the same with the business you have an urge to create.  We are ALL a unique compilation of values, desires, strengths, skills and past successes and experiences.  Out of that mix you will find the path that interests you enough to commit your time, energy and focus to and you will automatically find the time, space and energy.

How much time will you need to put aside? :

This is going to be such a personal answer.  Until you have tapped into what really excites you, it will be harder to create the time for your New Business.  That Magnetic Pull will not be fully working for you.
Therefore, in the beginning, just force in 1 hour time slots during your most ‘creative’ energy time.

The key is to be doing new stuff at a regular time when your BEST Creative Energy is available!

The importance of this can’t be over estimated.  Imagine a horse dragging a very heavy cart.  See the horse really straining to get those wheels turning.  Once that cart is rolling along it is about ¼ of the strain.  It’s the same in the beginning of absolutely anything – give it your best energy.

For me that really easy, creative time is the morning, before the household stirs.  When I first began an expert said for me to spend ½ an hour per day.  This didn’t work for me because it took me half an hour to get my head space tuned in to my new career.  So, besides my continual jotting down of thoughts, I don’t sit down to work on my business unless I have at least an hour.

2. ( is an easy start point for a blog)

Time to roll up our sleeves and get on with ‘doing’!  One expert gave me this great advice –“Cheryl, get tactile”!  This is key for ‘building muscle’ – especially if you are new to speaking out about your interests and passions.

My biggest mistake – was delaying taking this step.

Having an online business is about sharing your message or your product or your service.  It’s about getting it out there –Communicating – connecting – linking up.
DO NOT WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE before your business grounded.  Delaying doing this was the truly hugest mistake that I made.  I made it because around every corner was another tactic that I absolutely HAD to hear about.  By the time I tried it – found out it was too advanced for me – used up all of my creative mind power – recovered – re focused -  there was another tactic staring me in the face and wooing me.  You will never know enough to start your Online Business!

It’s not like training to become a doctor.  The course ends – you have to do work experience to be able to receive your qualification.  There is no such clear pathway in this industry.  I am here to shout from the rooftops – begin with the most tiniest of steps.  It will serve you in ways you can barely imagine.

My goal is to give you steps that will definitely get you started fast and will be a strong foundation for you to keep building upon.  You will not have to begin again and again – constantly wasting your previous time and effort.  This is because you as you follow these 12 steps you will be considering many elements of what is important to you,  what you are about and where you want to headed.  The result will be a structurally congruent Business.

A blog will be your ‘palette’ to :

  • Take what’s in your head and ‘build the muscle’ of sharing / expressing.  In one way or another and online business is all about getting ‘something’ out there.  (This deserves repeating because it is THE very easiest thing not to do.  It seems just ‘too small’ and insignificant a step to bother with.)
  • Think of this activity as the seed of your business and you have yet to discover what plant will grow from this seed.  Michelangelo (of the Leonardo Di Vinci era), when he chiseled the famous statue David, said “David was inside the marble all the time I just released him”.
  • If you have little idea what you want to do online then use the blog to ‘play in the sandbox’.  Play with ideas – try them on for size – journal.  Trust me – as you move through the 12 steps you will automatically become clearer and clearer about what you want to be doing.
  • Remember – your purpose is not to become a professional Blogger.  Your purpose is to begin the process of exploring your concepts and sharing them.  If you have not done this before you will be amazed at the sneaky feelings of ‘have I got anything worthwhile to say’ that will rear their ugly head.  DO NOT WAIT until you are creating your Membership Site to let this most natural occurrence begin to move through and be dealt with.  Get in that sandbox – you are achieving so much more than you think you are.
  • You are also breaking the very encouraged habit of being a perpetual learner – a very easy thing to get caught up in.  Listen to someone who has done it and watched so many others.  (You will not be able to apply all of the stuff there is out there to learn until you have real clarity about your business direction. 
  • If you already have a fairly clear idea of what you want to be doing then blogging will be creating content for down the track.  You will be using it in lots of ways.  But for now don’t be fussy about the quality; just get blogging and having fun.  Learning what to do with the content is a job for after you are very clear about your business model. 
  • Get in the habit of writing now – when it does not matter too much what you write – before you have a huge following.  You want that muscle to be well developed before the ‘big project’.
  • In the movie ‘Julie and Julia’ with Meryl Streep, all of the above is illustrated really well.
  • Lastly – Remember your blog is public domain and stays around – so don’t write anything you would be embarrassed about down the track.

3. This is a vital step.  Your Core Values are one of the powerful markers of the type of business you should create.  The underlying values you hold have a great deal of influence on your daily decisions.  If you take these internal influencers into account when you are designing your business and your personal life you are much more likely to create a sustainable business because it will be wholistic and lined up with your unique DNA of success.  Because my business is so deeply in alignment with me and what I am about I am NEVER pulled off track.  My business never changes.  I can hardly tell you what a relief that is.

A Personal Illustration :

Getting clear on our values had a huge impact on John’s and my business relationship and stopped me distracting my focus onto John’s priorities in preference to my own very people oriented values.  John’s  have  top 5 Values have nothing to do with people and were not going to help me in developing my business.  His are Fitness, Independence, Stability, Balance and Health.  (Great for the high level Marathon runner he has been.)

If I allow his values too much space in my business creation they will pull me off the track of my very people oriented business.  Therefore, I immediately stopped getting so ‘into’ all of his values.  How easy is it to slip into other peoples ‘thing’ and thereby squeeze out the head space needed for what is important to you in developing your business.

This values exercise was relationship changing in another way also – my values are authenticity, advancement, camaraderie, wisdom and family.

Is conflict around your values making it hard to create your Business?

John and I have always had heaps of conflict around my priority with family.  Now that I know John has NO top values around people (we are divorcing – no, just kidding!) I no longer look to him for meaningful input around people type of considerations.  (I have 2 different people type values in my top 5, therefore, I realize we will never really understand each other in this area.)
Simply understanding these essential differences has halved the conflict John and I experience.

The impact of conflicting business values:

The other vital piece of information my values gave me is around the industry of the online training world.  I would get furious because I saw what I judged as a lot of inadequate information out there and some of it just plain not accurate.  Now that I know my top value is authenticity and then wisdom I get why it gets my ‘blood boiling’ when what is said does not match up with my overall experience.  I realize now, that we all have different values and we build our businesses around those values.  I am also more careful to associate with trainers where we have harmonious values which creates easier partnerships.

I hope these examples have inspired you to really get clear on your values and use them as markers in the kind of business you choose to create.

Could some of your work, business or personal life conflicts be as simple as very different values?
Whilst you are ‘percolating’ on this vital area let’s move back into some ‘doing’.

4. This is another basic tool of our trade.

Personally, I found this area to be a bit of a bottomless pit.  Even as I type this today I could not help myself, I went on to Google and researched a couple more names.  (I think it is bordering on an addiction.)

As you will know, to have a website or a blog with your chosen name (Domain name), you will have to register a name of your choice online.  My favourite company to register domains with is  I find them very easy to use and uncluttered.

Let me relieve you of a whole pile of stress.  You are unlikely to hit on the perfect name at this early stage.  Spend the $10 bucks and have something that gets you onto the dart board but does not necessarily hit a bull’s eye.  (Maybe it does not even get on the right dart board – that’s okay.)

What’s this activity is really about?

Choosing the perfect name?  No!

It is about getting comfortable in a new industry.  It is about learning to use the tools of your trade.  If you have not done this type of thing before, taking these steps early on will be building that muscle we talked about earlier.  Just take a stab at naming this seedling business of yours – even if you do not link it to your blog right now.

You can use your Domain Name on your blog.  To do this you would use and link your Domain Name to it – plus you would then need web hosting. 

If this is too technical or overwhelming or has a learning curve for you, forget it.  Stick with for now. Finding help can slow you down –

The important thing is to get blogging.

5. We are encouraged to improve ourselves in the area of our weaknesses, with little notice taken of our natural talents, interests and strengths.  I ‘should’ go to toastmasters and learn public speaking – considering the industry I am drawn to.  But I just hate the thought of practicing this skill – even though I have done quite a bit of it and am not really scared by it.  The evidence (and there is plenty) suggests that I will waste a huge amount of energy and time forcing myself to spend more time than essential on the task of becoming a good speaker because I don’t want to do it.  (Whereas, I feel compelled to get better at writing.  Therefore it will be ‘easier’ for me to take the action steps necessary for me to improve.)

If we look closely at people who are happy, successful and wealthy, they primarily do what energizes them, what comes naturally to them and what they feel compelled to get better at.

Where do our natural Skills fit?

Your Skills are a bit trickier as a success marker.  We can be very skilled at something that we really do not want to do.  For example, I am a very good coach.  But the thought of building a straight coaching business both overwhelms and bores me.  I can’t coach for a long time without feeling frustrated.

How to Follow Your Strengths :

Marcus Buckingham in his book ‘Go Put Your Strengths to Work’ spent 17 years working for one of the top Research companies in the world – The Gallop Poll.  Marcus gives an exercise to help you isolate your strengths.  For one full week make a note of the precise activity you are doing that gives you an ‘in the zone’ rush.  You know that feeling of ‘Yes, I nailed it!’   Note the precise activity you are doing when that feeling hits.  Do it ASAP after you get the feeling – even if you scribble in a small note book.  Get it as precise as possible.
Next do the same exercise with things that give you an ‘I hate doing this’ feeling – you feel utterly drained – list those worst feeling activities.

Remember – Do this for 1 full week.   (I was amazed at how much fun the exercise was!)
**  Make sure to focus on activities that give you a strong feeling – either positive or negative.  Ignore all of the middle of the road activities.

Design your daily activities around these ‘In The Zone’ activities – your strengths!

Now use this most vital information to begin designing your new business around the types of activities that give you the ‘good rush’.

Are you beginning to see how much more intelligently and consciously we each can design our business around these vital pieces of information that are there inside us just waiting to be ‘mined’.   ‘Success leaves clues’

I am convinced that anyone who is successful – especially from a young age – still has intact their natural internal compass that would automatically guide them onto a pathway of their personal version of success and fulfillment on all levels.  Those of us who need to ‘mine’ more deliberately for that internal information, have just had this natural compass screwed up somewhat.  True North does not quite point true north for us.

Trivia – (This actually happens to a real compass – if it is left near a very powerful magnet it mucks up the ‘true north’!)

Rebecca Sparrow’s editorial in the local paper captures Marcus Buckingham’s book, Go Put Your Strengths to Work, superbly.  Marcus theorises “that the key to feeling fulfilled by your job is to find one that plays to your strengths.”

“But Buckingham explains that actually most of us don’t know what our strengths are.  Most of us make the obvious mistake of thinking that just because we’re good at something, it’s automatically one of our strengths.  Instead, according to Buckingham, a strength has to meet four criteria.”

He uses the acronym – ‘SIGN’

S – success – those things at which you have ability and feel successful
I – instinct – you have an I can’t-help-but-do-this quality (no matter how I look to others)
G – growth – a task for which we have a powerful inquisitiveness
N – need – the activity gives a feeling of all-is-right-with-the-world

Rebecca continues, “So a strength is something you have success in and something you have a natural instinct for.  But it’s also something you could engage in for hours and barely notice (like practicing the guitar or writing, or solving maths problems or organizing and filing documents).

How many of us have chosen careers based solely on the “success” aspect of SIGN?  The high school student who tops accounting assumes they should be studying, well, accounting.  The Honours student assumes they have to do medicine.  The popular babysitter thinks she should be in child care.

But if accounting or medicine or child care, don’t give you that buzz then it’s really not a strength.  Conversely, you can be deeply passionate about something – painting, singing, tennis but if you don’t actually show any natural ability for it, well, it’s really just a hobby.  It’s not a strength.  The chance of you making a career out of singing if you’ve never even gained a place in any local competitions is pretty slim..

We routinely tell our teenagers that they can “do anything, be anything they want”.  Um, not really, Sure, follow your dreams but just be smart enough to choose the right ones.”

Your appetites drive your abilities.  You are drawn in by some activities and repelled by others and those you are drawn to you practice more, so you get better.  You do not want to practice all activities with the same degree of effort.  Your appetites determine which activities you yearn to practice and which ones you don’t.

When you build your business around Step 6 you will build your most powerful and productive business.

6. Now you can use this vital information you gathered in step 6 to begin designing your new business around the types of activities that give you the ‘good rush’

Are you beginning to see how much more intelligently and consciously we each can design our business around information that is there inside us just waiting to be ‘mined’.

Past Skills :

Take stock of your past Skills – particularly in the area of your successes – to help you decide which method of delivery you will choose.  You risk going down many dead-end, time wasting, money and energy sucking pathways if you are not deliberate about this step. Think about areas where people give you compliments or make comments – maybe even negative comments.  What previous work activities have you been the most talented in, or noticed in?  Or feel a powerful inquisitiveness that would inspire you to go through the learning curve.

The Most Common Online Delivery Methods :

Running Webinars – Interviewing people and being the reporter of information to others – writing as an Expert in your chosen Niche – Creating ebooks – creating various training materials – writing offline books – being the middle man and selling other peoples materials – speaking from stage – or at networking groups – giving workshops – running mastermind groups or group coaching – creating videos showing and telling – or audios – running teleconferences – building a relationship with a list of people in a Niche that you then sell to – building software that makes things easier or better – using any of the above to teach people how to do stuff online – Do anything you are good at as a service to people online – sell products online – set up an online shop – make a product to sell online.

My Purpose :

My purpose is NOT to teach you ANY of the above.  There are heaps of excellent experts teaching these things far better than I can!

My Purpose is to help you get to a point of clarity where your choices will work for you (not against you) in creating ‘the business of your dreams’.  You will not have to wonder if it will work.  You will have made your choices from a mix of your passion, your strengths and talents – from your already developed skills and prior successes.  And all of these factors are the DNA that creates your unique personal business model – tailored to the kind of Lifestyle that is really important to you.

How could you Not Succeed.

7. What does it mean to you to be Financially Free?  Having assets of $1,000,000 or $2,000,000?  Maybe it is 5 or 10 million?

Does that feel achievable – truly achievable to you?  Or does it feel equivalent to climbing Mount Everest?

I was so relieved when I read the hugely famous book ‘The Four Hour Work Week’ by Tim Ferris.  Boy, I think that book changed the world forever.  It certainly changed mine.  Tim’s book changed my view of Financial Freedom completely.  He has a magnificent chapter on your

Freedom Figure.  If we agree that the whole point of building an online business is to build a growing asset that you actually want to spend time actively building and provides you with the lifestyle you want therefore you will be earning ongoing MONEEEY from your new asset.  So we can relax a little about your future security (because you will be building it) and focus on your freedom figure in the here and now.

What $ amount is your Freedom Figure :

Tim suggests your freedom figure is replacing your monthly expenses.  Once you can replace your current monthly expenses from your new business you are free to change your life.  Yes, you may want to wait until your business has built more momentum before you actually leave your current work.  But it is great to know there is a very achievable target that gets you big benefits in the shorter term.

What Lifestyle are you Heading towards? :

Whilst you are doing the financial audit to discover your Freedom Figure, have a think about what kind of lifestyle that is important to you – not only important – what fits with your current situation.
(If you say ‘sitting under a palm tree typing on your laptop’ I may throw something at you – for one thing you will get sand in the laptop! – I mean, who really, really wants to do that endlessly?)
Let’s keep it simple and relevant to here and now.  I find most people have a melt down if they try and go too big.  Big dreams are great.  Donald Trump says ‘Have Big Dreams’.  I say ‘as long as they pull you forward in a ‘building’ kind of way rather than shut you down because the dream is so darn big, you can’t find a foot hold.’

Easier Decisions :

The benefit of having a general idea of your ideal lifestyle is that it becomes one of your key indicators in the final picture of your business.  For Example, I would love to move to the Greek Islands but I won’t because I want to be near my family – family is one of my top values.  All of the indicators come together to create a wholistic target to aim at.    This way you will not be doing what I did 18 years ago when we moved away from my family, to the other side of Australia.  The move was very stressful  because I went against my particular core value of family connection.

Another example would be – if you want to be yachting around the world and you have 2 children – are you sure everyone agrees with a home schooling concept etc.

I hope you are beginning to see how these various markers dovetail together to make your decisions so much clearer, simpler and easier.


8. You have probably heard it said – ‘the money is in the list’!

But some experts say – ‘the money is in the story’.

Because our focus is creating a Niche business – a small slice of a big subject – our story of how we came to our niche is an important connection point with our audience.  There is a story to what brings me to creating this program.  You probably sense my passion and commitment to helping you to create a great business as you read my story.  You will get to know why I created the program and what it will deliver, enough, to be able to make a choice to work with me or not.  Creating your free giveaway is a vehicle to begin working on your story.

Create a Free Giveaway :

By now you probably have more of a feel for what you want to be delivering in your online business.  Now it is time to create a free giveaway of some kind.

Creating a free giveaway is a spectacular way to begin your business, especially if you have not been paid in your niche before, because you are bound to have a number of blocks and resistances pop up out of nowhere.  This is the most painless way to deal with those resistances.  I call it ‘personal growth as you go’ – it’s much easier than waiting until you are giving your first webinar to 100 people and you ‘pass out’.

Other benefits are :

  • You are developing that muscle in bite size chunks.  Remember – you can’t run a marathon the first month into your training.
  • You get to try out your chosen method of delivery really early into your business development – seeing how it ‘fits’.  (Before you spend $3,000, like I did only to find it was a too steep a learning curve.)
  • Because you are not charging anything at this point it really takes the pressure off whilst you are growing into your business.
  • This is an easy way to find out how you feel about putting yourself ‘out there’. 
  • The biggest benefit for me was a surprise – you will discover what you have inside of you.  I actually did not know that I LOVE writing.  Once I started I could not stop.
  • If you do not feel ready for this step then find a much smaller concept that feels do able right now.  (Maybe compile some of your blogs some of your blogs.  But get yourself out there asap.) 
  • You have NOTHING until you are connecting with clients.  It is a fallacy to think you have something because you have a website or a product – that is not your end goal and is not a business.  I have watched people create their ‘you beaut’ products – websites – blogs and even get into branding – but they have NO clients; which means their product has NOT met the market.

** NOTE to the reader : – This is not a life or death exercise.  (None of them are.)  You can improve on everything you are doing later.  For now it is all about building the muscle – the neuro pathways to the brain – your confidence – your baseline skills – your baseline product – all in bite size pieces.  This way you will avoid overwhelm, frustration (and worse) that so many suffer.

Sure, the best way to eat and elephant is ‘one bite at a time’.  But in this industry, so many are just getting squished as they stare up trying to figure out where to start biting.

I hope I have convinced you to ‘fling’ yourself out there in the market place as quickly as possible and get on with interacting with your clients.  I believe the method I am outlining is the easiest and quickest method to do just that.


9. The objective at this point is to get your free giveaway into the hands of people with the problem you are solving, in exchange for their email address or contact details.  Think of it as a ‘try before you buy’ for your customers.

You could actually do this any way you like.  For example – you might already be part of a networking group of one kind or another.  You might have a big email list or already speak to groups.  You might already understand and be skilled at offline advertising.  You might already be part of an online forum.  Or you could design an advert for online.  This is called a Squeeze Page or a Landing Page, etc.

Online this process is called ‘generating traffic’.  You could spend a fortune and years buying programs around traffic generation, only to end up with a meltdown.  The area is MASSIVE and nearly drove me crazy.  This is why I am so strong on choosing just 1 method of advertising that you already have some connection with.  I always did this in my franchise and is the reason why no one failed.  (This is how the brain learns the fastest – you are building neuropathways from thick synapps rather than newly forming fine synapps.)

A few guidelines :

  • If you are a real newbie, start with only 1 method of connecting with your market.  ONE!
  • Find the easiest and most natural way for you to do this.  (Especially using your past skills.  Most online trainers forget this.)
  • Remember – you are not trying to make a million dollars at this stage.  You are building skills.

A fantastic online business is built by knowing how to use some very basic tools of the trade.  Even if someone gave you a fully functioning online business – today – for free the odds are it will be meaningless, if you have not built the understanding of driving the various bits of the business, why you are driving them and how they fit together.


10. Because you are building a business you can’t feel, see, touch and smell it is harder to apply basic business rules that are obvious offline.  For example – if a coffee shop had no customers you would ask questions about staff, quality of the coffee, ambiance, etc.

But online something weird happens.  We know our product is good but because we are based in cyber-space it is harder to work out the problem if they are not buying.  If people are not paying you then either they don’t want your product or it is priced wrongly or you are not showing it in a way that they see the value.

Online, the best way to get to the heart of what people want is to talk to them before you ‘build the whole coffee shop’.  This is the huge value of the free giveaway as a ‘tester’ and also an easy way of connecting with your market.

Value given  +  customers  =  money

  • We start small
  • We create a Free Giveaway which is a ‘taste’ of the value we are giving in our new business.
  • We advertise for customers.
  • When they feel your business is giving the value they are wanting then
  • Money comes to you for the product you will create to meet those needs.

What you will achieve by connecting with your market asap :

  • Find out if you like what you are doing and how you are doing it?
  • Check if you really want to work with your chosen niche? 
  • Do you need to tweak your direction?
  • Find out if your free giveaway is really hitting the mark with what your clients ‘feel they need’.
  • You can start ‘tweaking’ before you put your house on the line.  (Like I did!  Not good)

Can you see how much more sensible, safer and more people friendly this type of business is than slogging away 7 days a week in a coffee shop.  You simply have to get your head around a different way of doing business and learn those tools.

Talk (and LISTEN) to the people with the Problem you are Solving :

The main point here is to connect with as many people as it takes, who are having the problem you are going to solve, until you are pretty sure you are creating something they ‘perceive’ they want.

**Please notice I did not say ‘you are looking for people who will buy your ‘you beaut product’.  The internet is all about linking people with problems – to – solutions.

Find out what they are Looking For!

Your entire objective is to be delivering an answer / solution to a group of people who have a problem they want solved.  The more desperate and hungry they are for that answer, the better for you.


11. This is pretty self explanatory.  At each of the steps you will have discovered at least one or 2 major pieces of information about your personal why, what, where, when and how.

Make sure that you keep a note of those – or keep a journal of them.  As you see all of those essential Key Indicators in one place you have your unique Blueprint that will guide you to your Best Business.

If we agree on the premise that REAL money is made for each of us when we tap into our most potent and powerful self expression then surely what you see before you on the page is your DNA to Success!


12. Now it is time to take the training wheels off of your bike and to congratulate yourself on a magnificent job well done.  Very few people take the time to really steer their lives where they want it to go.  Even if the outcome of this process was for you to simply change to a more fulfilling or better paying career, it is still life changing.

** (Generally speaking most people spend more time planning a holiday than they do on these type of life changing considerations.)

Now you are ready to intelligently choose a training program that is targeted to take you where you want to go rather than doing what I did.  (Spend $80,000 – get pushed to the edge of bankruptcy – spend 3 years experimenting with one program after another, nearly pulling my hair out and getting frustrated with information overload.)

Choosing Your Training Program :

This is the time to bring out the perfectionist in you and get picky, picky!

Or you will bang around making heaps of ‘Guru’s’ rich – like I did.

Make sure your strategic plan is clear enough for you to choose the right Training Program and it is training you in the area you have previously decided to follow.  Know that once you put out multiple thousands of dollars it is very hard to stop following the program – even if you later realize you made the wrong choice – because you don’t want to waste the money.  So the wrong program becomes a major distraction.

  • Refer back to your answers to the exercises to make sure you are clear about what training you are looking for.
  • Do you need to have access to a ‘human’ or are you okay with email only to a customer service person.
  • Find out exactly what their ‘I will wrap you in a warm blanket’ follow up service actually means – if this is important to you.  Get past the emotional language to the A.B.C. of what that support IS and IS NOT.  (It is so easy to misunderstand what is being offered in this area.)
  • Ask your associates about trainers.  Us Aussies can be quite guilable!
  • Go to free seminars and talk to others in the program.  Ask about the good and the bad.
  • Talk to others about what they found various programs actually deliver.
  • Look behind the marketing hype of ‘you will reach the moon with my program’ to what you actually will be getting trained in.
  • Are they good trainers or just good sales people who will move on to the next sale.
  • Does the trainer make you feel as though ‘you can do this’?
  • If not find a trainer who makes you feel like you can – because YOU CAN.
  • You simply need to begin with the tiniest of steps that are immediately achievable.  This will then grow into momentum.  Find Trainers who train like this.
  • (Many, and I mean many trainers gave me the feeling on the stage I could conquer the world.  But after I joined the program I felt I would not succeed without years of personal and professional transformation.  This is simply NOT TRUE.  You CAN succeed from exactly where you are.  It is just the length of time that will vary from person to person.)

One of my favorite quotes is – “People often over estimate what they can achieve in 1 year and hugely under estimate what they can achieve in 5 years”.


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P.S.  Remember what I said in the last section!  I spent $80,000!  The clearer you are about what training you are looking for the less likely you will be to pour money down the drain.

I hope these steps have taken you a long way towards that clarity.

Improve Your Life, Go The myEASY Way™